How to Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics enables you to track the traffic of your Unicart store. It provides reports of your Unicart store performance such as the number of visitors, the most visited pages, the active time of visitors, the country of visitors, the traffic sources and etc. Using Google Analytics, you can know your customers better and optimize your Unicart store to increase conversions and sales.

1. Register a Google Analytics account with your Google account (Gmail).

2. Click Set up for free from the welcome page of Google Analytics.

3. Fill in an Account Name at the Account Setup steps, and click Next.

4. Fill in the Property Name and choose the time zone of Malaysia and currency as Malaysian Ringgit. Then, click on the Show advanced options.

5. Enable the status for “Create a Universal Analytics property”, and insert your domain name at the Website URL. Then, choose the option for Create a Universal Analytics property only and click Next again.

Note: You may still set up Google Analytics 4 property from your Google Analytics account’s property settings in future if you need it.

6. Select the Industry category for your business, choose the Business size and check the intention of the use of Google Analytics. Lastly, click the Create button.

7. Agree with the Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement for Malaysia, and click “I Accept” to proceed.

8. From the Admin from the bottom left panel of Google Analytics, choose Property menu, click Tracking Info and select Tracking Code.

9. Copy Tracking ID and the code at Global Site Tag.

10. N