10 Useful Features of Ingress

Efficient Centralized Management #

Ingress is a server-client based software that supports surveillance from multiple PCs concurrently, while containing useful access monitoring features such as multi-level users, and user group privileges.

Secure Architecture #

The architecture of Ingress keeps data secure and accessible, while providing you with activity logs, audit trails, and advanced device searching features in a LAN environment.

User-Friendly & Flexible #

User-friendliness is emphasized in Ingress with features such as the Quick-Setup Wizard, drag-and-drop methods, and shortcut icons with ribbon menus to make interactions with the software effortless.

Enhanced Software Security Features #

Ingress provides an optional fingerprint login for system administrators. There is a screen lock function as well as an automatic logout after timeout. The detailed history records and audit trail functions for tracking past configuration changes. There is also a full backup and restoral of system data.

Access Control Readily Available Reports #

There are 13 types of listing & event reports available. The report supports digital watermark imprint, comprehensive event filtering, quick-print and email action. The reports can be exported into 10 formats for example: .XLS, .TXT, .CSV.

Useful Event Priority & Alerts #

You can organize alarm alerts and set alarm priorities to optimize time into Ingress. There are 62 event types that can be assigned according to the necessity of the priority. Ingress will automatically send email notifications to assigned recipients when an event is detected in the systems. You may also customize the sound alert for every priority.

Powerful Access Control Settings #

Get most Access Control features from Ingress such as Interlocking, fire alarm linkage, Anti-passback, multiple verification settings and multi-car operation.

Integrated Monitoring #

Ingress provides a real-time alarm or event logs to ensure all events are completely documented (including messages and controls)

Pictorial Map for Instant Activity Visibility #

Ingress can display up to a maximum of 9 floor maps for real-time monitoring. The Graphic map is displayed with animated icons for instant visibility of activity. Multiple work stations can be used concurrently to perform monitoring.

Comprehensive Time Attendance Functions #

The weekly schedule comes with 3 pairs of IN/OUT columns for attendance monitoring. You can set up a group or personal duty roster and assign it to the users. Ingress also supports leave and holiday management. At the Attendance Sheet, you can instantly add, edit, or delete attendance records. At the report section, there are 6 types of commonly used time attendance reports, for example: Daily Attendance Listing, Tardiness Report, and On-Leave Listing.

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