How to Add and Manage Customer Account

How to Add and Manage Customer Account #

Add Customer #

Step 1: Go to Customers along the menu dashboard in SiteGiant Lite.

Step 2: Click on the + Add New Customer button at the right top.

Step 3: Fill up the Customer Details and Primary Address of the customer.

Step 4: Save once you’re done filling up the customer information.



Edit Customer #

Step 1: Click on customer name to edit customer details if necessary.

Step 2: You may edit the customer’s profile details here.



View Customer Transaction #

Step 1: Click on customer name to view the details, you may also check the customer shopping behavior through the Purchase History and Order History.



Delete Customer #

Step 1: From the customer list, ‘tick‘ on the customer and select the Delete icon.

Step 2: Then, confirm the deletion.

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