Add Company Logo to your Job Entry

Step 1: Under “Job Board” > “All Jobs“, click the job entry that you would like to edit.

Step 2: Go to “Job Data” section, under “Company Logo“, click “Upload” to upload your Company Logo.

Step 3: You can choose “From Computer” or “From URL” or “Media Library” to upload your logo or feature image. You also can “Drop files” or “Drop image” to upload your new feature image.

Step 4: Click “Media Library” to select your image.

Step 5: Select your image and click “Show” to upload.

Step 6: Click “Insert into Post” to upload your image.

Step 7: You successfully upload your Company Logo.

Step 8: Press “Save Draft” to save your Company Logo or “Publish” to publish your Company Logo . / Press “Update” to update the Company Logo .

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