How to Process Order with Express Fulfillment

How to Process Order with Express Fulfillment #

Step 1: Navigate to All Orders menu and click on ‘Ship My Orders’, then choose Shopee or Lazada.

Step 2: For Shopee, go to Shopee Shipping Label Settings and enable the ‘Express Fulfillment’ status from General setting.

Step 3: For Lazada, go to Lazada Shipping Label Settings and you can enable the ‘Express Fulfillment’ status.

Step 4: After you have fulfill the order with tracking number, you may proceed to ‘Bulk Print’.

Step 5: Then, two tabs will be opened for printing. One will be the Pick List and another will be the Shipping Labels.

Step 6: At the Pick List, each row of the items will be showing the Shipping Label Number and the Quantity needed for the order.

Step 7: Collect and place the items together based on the Shipping Label Number of each order.

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