How To Use Windows Search Service

How To Use Windows Search Service #

Where to find Windows Search #

Over the years, Microsoft has made some changes to where the Windows Search Service is located, and has improved its functionality. In Windows XP and Windows Vista, the Windows Search Service, or desktop search, could be found by going through the Start button—so you would simply click on Start and then Search.
When Windows 7 became available, the Windows search service was slightly different. To get to the Windows Search Service you have to click the Start button and then select Documents. Once Documents opens up, you have to type the name of the file you are looking for into the search box at the top to search for it.


Major changes occurred when Windows 8 debuted. It was a completely new look for the Windows search service and instead of being able to reach the desktop search through the Start Menu, you have to swipe the screen to find it on the Charms Bar. Here’s how you find search on Windows 8:

Step 1: From the right edge of your screen, swipe in.

Step 2: Now click on Search.

Step 3: You can also access the search from the Start screen.

Step 4: Type in what you are looking for and you should see search results and suggestions.

windows search service pic 1

In Windows 8 you can also use File Explorer. To get into File Explorer do this:

Step 1: Swipe in from the right edge again.

Step 2: Click search again, and type in File Explorer.

Step 3: Click on File Explorer.

Step 4: Now in the window type in the name of the file or folder you are searching for.

windows search service pic 2

Microsoft changed things up once again with Windows 10 Search Service. You can use the search box on this version of Windows Search Service as well to open up File Explorer. With 10, you use File Explorer search like you do in 8, but now you also have Cortana, which can search your computer and the Internet for items you need. Cortana is known more as a personal assistant, and you can turn off Cortana if you’re worried about the amount of data Cortana collects. To turn Cortana off, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on the Ring icon to open Cortana.

Step 2: Click on the Notebook icon on the left hand side.

Step 3: Select Settings.

Step 4: Slide the little button to off, below where it says “Cortana can give you suggestions, reminders, alerts and more”.

Step 5: To change Cortana’s data permissions, click the link that says “Manage what Cortana knows about me in t