AutoCount Developer

AutoCount Accounting Management Studio #

1. Windows Search With Keyword ‘Management’.


2. Go To This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files / Program Files (x86) > AutoCount > Accounting 1.9 > Search For Studio And Double Click On It.


Scripting #

Login to Management Studio #

To Use This Feature, You Must Access To AutoCount Accounting Management Studio.
Go To Start > All Programs > AutoCount Accounting 2.0 > AutoCount Accounting Management Studio 2.0


Add / Maintain Scripting #

Go to Tools > Scripting
Highlight to select an entity,
For example, I have selected Sales Order

Click On Edit Script,

  1. Choose Your Script Language, By Default Will Be C#,
  2. Write Or Place Your Script In The Blank Area,
  3. Check Your Script For Errors, Fix If Found Any,
  4. Save Your Script,
  5. Close The Screen When You’re Done.