Introduction #

This guide is for beginners to Mikrotik who are looking to setup their router for TM UniFi in Malaysia. Mikrotik RouterOS may look daunting to a newcomer but it’s actually quite easy for a basic setup.

Before we begin, here is some information on UniFi. Some of it is technical but don’t worry about it if you don’t know what a VLAN is.

  • UniFi is a FTTH service by Telekom Malaysia (TM) in the country of Malaysia. It delivers triple-play services via fibre or xDSL.
  • It bears no relation to Ubiquiti.
  • Authentication is by PPPoE username and password.
  • Triple-play services are delivered via VLANs.
  • VLAN id 500 for Internet.
  • VLAN id 600 for HyppTV (IPTV).
  • VLAN id 400 for VOIP.
  • This guide is specific to UniFi but if your ISP uses a similar system (PPPoE and VLANs), the steps are kinda similar.


Step-by-Step Configuration – Internet #

So let’s start. We will configure the Internet first. Get the following ready:

  • Your UniFi username which looks like myname@unifi or myname@unifibiz for business accounts.
  • Your UniFi password which, if generated by TM, is usually a case sensitive 13 character alphamumeric string.
  • The TM supplied UniFi BTU or Broadband Termination Unit which could be an optical network terminal (ONT) or a xDSL modem.
  • A Mikrotik router.

To configure the router, we use either:

Default Configuration #

One more thing before we start. This guide presumes a router with an out-of-the-box default configuration. This is very important so that we start on the same page and not get confused. If it’s not, please reset the router to its default configuration before starting.

See Manual:Configuration_Management#Configuration_Reset or Manual:Reset on how to reset your router.

Connect the Cables #

  • Connect a cable from Ethernet Port 1 of the BTU to Ethernet Port 1 of the Mikrotik router. The port numbers are important.
  • Connect a computer to Ethernet Port 2 of the router.
  • Ensure that your computer is set to acquire an IP address automatically.

Login to the Mikrotik Router #

Login to the router using either winbox or a web browser. Using a web browser looks similar. I think you’ll figure it out.

Login to the Mikrotik router with the following:

  • Default IP address:
  • Username: admin
  • Password: (no password)

Quick Set #

We’ll use Quick Set to get a headstart on the configuration.

  1. Click on Quick Set.

Set as Home AP and enter UniFi username & password

  1. Select Home AP.
  2. Select PPPoE.
  3. Enter UniFi username and password.
  4. OK

Note: While you’re here, also set your wifi to a cooler name and give it a password.


VLAN 500

  1. Click Interfaces
  2. Click VLAN
  3. Create a new VLAN
  4. Give it a name e.g.: vlan500
  5. Set VLAN ID: 500
  6. Ensure Interface is: ether1-gateway
  7. OK



1) Click VLAN
2) Create a new VLAN
3) Give it a name e.g.: vlan500
4) Set VLAN ID: 500
5) Ensure Interface is: ether1-gateway
6) OK

That’s it.

Internet should be working now.


Step-by-Step Configuration – HyppTV #

Next we’ll setup HyppTV.

For HyppTV we’ll be using Ethernet Port 5. So connect your HyppTV Set Top Box (STB) to this port.

Ethernet Port 5 #


  1. Click Interfaces
  2. Double click ether5-slave-local
  3. Change Master Port to: none
  4. OK


VLAN 600 #

  1. Click Interfaces
  2. Click VLAN
  3. Create a new VLAN
  4. Give it a name e.g.: vlan600iptv
  5. Set VLAN ID: 600
  6. Ensure Interface is: ether1-gateway
  7. OK


Bridge #

  1. Click Bridge
  2. Create a new Bridge
  3. Give it a name e.g.: unifi.iptv
  4. OK


Bridge Ports #

  1. Click Bridge
  2. Click Ports
  3. Add a port
  4. Set Interface to: ether5-slave-local
  5. Set Bridge to: unifi.iptv (that’s the bridge that you just created above)
  6. Add another port
  7. Set Interface to: vlan600iptv
  8. Set Bridge to: unifi.iptv
  9. OK

And that’s it. Remember to plug your HyppTV Set Top Box (STB) into Ethernet Port 5. Switch on your HyppTV STB and enjoy.



Unifi Fibre

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