How to Create New Shopify Listing (without variant)

How to Create New Shopify Listing (without variant) #

Step 1: Navigate to Products > Shopify Listing along the menu dashboard.

Step 2: Click on +Add Product button.

Step 3: Fill in the product basic information and link to an inventory item.

Step 4: Upload the product image.

Step 5: Fill in the pricing details.

Step 6: Fill in your inventory details. (Note: The stock amount will be auto-inserted based on your inventory stock). You may also insert a Barcode if available (such as ISBN, UPC, GTIN, etc.).

Step 7: Fill in your product type name.

Step 8: If your product is a physical product and requires shipping, enable the Shipping option and fill in the details accordingly:

Step 9: Once all the information is filled in, you may proceed to Save either as a draft or as an active product.

Step 10: And you’re done! Your draft/active products will be listed in your Shopify store accordingly.

Save as draft product sample:

Save as active product sample:

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