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This to import data from excel template into AutoCount. Those data that can be import through excel are: Stock Item, Stock Item Price Book, Cash Book Entry, Journal Entry, AR/AP invoice, AR/AP Debit Note, AR/AP Credit Note, AR/AP Payment, Debtor/Creditor and Member. You can download the template from: or you may get in from the AutoCount Installer CD for the required format.

Steps On How To Use Import From Excel Template In AutoCount #

Example: Import from Stock Item


This is part of the excel template of the import stock item.

The yellow colour part shows the details that need to be copy (including the header part) to paste from the clipboard.

AutoCount Accounting Excel Templates Download #

A/P #

A/P Credit Note
A/P Debit Note
A/P Invoice
A/P Payment
A/P Excel Templates

A/R #

A/R Credit Note
A/R Debit Note
A/R Invoice
A/R Payment
A/R Excel Templates

Stock #

Stock Item
Price Book
Price Book Rule
Item Price by Location
Stock Open Balance
Stock Excel Templates

G/L #

Cash Book
Journal Entry
G/L Excel Templates

Options #

Options Excel Templates

Sales #

Last Year Price History
Sales Excel Templates

Others #

Others Excel Templates

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