Simple Fixes To ShareX Not Recording Audio

Is ShareX Not Recording Audio On Your Desktop? ShareX Is An Open-Source Screen Recording App That Allows Users To Capture Screen Activities For Free. If ShareX Not Working With The Audio Recording, The Following Are Some Tips That You Can Try To Fix The ShareX Problems.

Fix 1. Check the System Settings #

Before Checking The Errors With The Recording Software, The First Thing Is To Confirm That There Are No Hardware Or System Issues With Your Computer. You Need To Go Through All The Audio Input And Output Drivers And Make Sure They’re Enabled And Updated.

  1. Press “Windows + X” And Select “Device Manager”;
  2. Click “Audio Inputs And Outputs” To Enable The Microphone And Speakers. If Needed, Right-Click The Driver And Press “Update Driver” > “Select Automatically For Drivers” To Update The Audio Drivers.

After You Update The Drivers, You Need To Ensure That In The Sound Settings, The Input Device For System Recordings Is Set To The Microphone, And The Permission For ShareX To Access The Microphone Is Enabled.

  1. Go To “Settings” > “System” > “Sound” And Scroll Down To The “Input” Setting, Choose “Microphone”.
  2. Back To “Settings” And Choose “Privacy” > “Microphone”. Make Sure The “Allow apps to access your microphone” Option Is ON.