How to Subscribe to EZVIZ CloudPlay

How to Subscribe to EZVIZ CloudPlay #

This video demonstrates how to subscribe to EZVIZ CloudPlay. It consists of five steps:

Step 1: Login to your EZVIZ App account.
Step 2: Click on the device settings menu indicated by the arrow
Step 3: Scroll to the storage tab and click on that tab.
Step 4: Click on cloud storage and press the “Free Trial” button for a free 30 day subscription
Step 5: After your Trial ends, choose your service plan to continue enjoying your benefits.

According to One Camera – Malaysia Price Rate (Last Updated: 06/10/2021)

Video History Subscription Plan Price
7-Day Yearly RM169.99
7-Day Monthly RM16.99
30-Day Yearly RM289.99
30-Day Monthly RM28.99


Credits: EZVIZ

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