How to Restore Previous Versions of Files and Folders in Windows 11/10?

Having previous or earlier versions of a file and folder is helpful in many cases. Whether the file is modified accidentally or for some other reason, you are able to easily restore it to an earlier version available on your PC. This can come in handy when there are some unwanted changes added to a file or folder accidentally or you’ve deleted some file/folder from Desktop, Documents, Downloads, etc. You can check all the available previous versions of that file and folder and get back that file/folder with a previous version with just a few mouse clicks.

There is a built-in Windows restore previous versions feature present that you can use for this purpose and this post includes all the steps to use that feature. In the image above, you can see previous versions available for Desktop. While you can use File History to backup and restore files, using this process is another option you can try.

Restore Previous Versions of Files and Folders #

You can restore to an earlier version of a file and folder only when File History or System Restore is enabled and configured by you. If not, you first need to turn on and set up File History or turn on system restore and create system restore points to get the benefit of this feature. After that, follow these steps:

  1. Access Restore previous versions option
  2. Select a Previous version
  3. Use the Restore button
  4. Apply and save the changes.

First of all, go to a folder (say Desktop) or file. If you have deleted a folder/file, then you should access the main folder or hard drive where that item was stored. Now right-click on file/folder and click on Restore previous versions option.