How to Setup and Install EZVIZ BC1 Battery Camera Kit

How to Setup and Install EZVIZ BC1 Battery Camera Kit #

Setup and Install Videos #

Part 1 – Set up EZVIZ Battery Camera Kit #

Step 1: Power on the Base Station
Plug in the power adapter (12V 1A) to the base station.
*To ensure a stable network connection, please place the base station at least 1m above the ground.

Step 2: Connect the Base Station
Connect the Ethernet cable from you router to the base station.
*Please make sure the router can access the Internet.

Step 3: Turn on the Camera
Press SYNC button for 2 seconds to turn on the camera.

Charge the Camera (optional)
Plug in the power adapter (5V 2A) to the camera.
* The LED indicator will slowly falsh green when the camera is charging.

Please note:
– The camera will automatically turn on when charging;
– Make sure the camera is removed from the wall before charging
– Please don’t charge the camera outside
– Please don’t charge the camera under extreme weather (>45°C or <0°C)

Step 4: Add the base station to EZVIZ App
Search and download the latest EZVUZ app on App Store or Google Play Store.
Launch the app.
You can either create a new EZVIZ account or login to the existing EZVIZ account.
Scan the QR code on the base station or you can manually enter the serial number (SN) on the base station as an alternative.

Step 5: Pair camera(s) with the base station
Place the camera 30 to 100cm (1 to 3ft.) from the base station.
Press and hold the SYNC button on the camera for 2 seconds.
The LED indicator on the camera will rapidly flas