PEG vs IGD, which one to use?

PEG vs IGD, which one to use? #

I am adding a second monitor that is super shit and small. It is only to put control panel info on when streaming games on my primary monitor. Primary monitor is hooked up HDMI to Sapphire Radeon R9 graphics card. The new shit secondary monitor is hooked up via vga to the motherboard. I went to bios, but don’t know anything in regards to the settings to use. Should I use PEG or IGD? Also, what integrated graphics share memory should I use, and should I activate IGD multi-monitor? What is DVMT memory and should I set that low or to max?

What is PEG and IGD #

PEG = PCI Express Graphics, aka your graphics card

IGD = Integrated Graphics Device, aka your iGPU on the CPU


Boot Priority #

If you want to boot from your discrete graphic card your should set boot priority as PEG.


Enabling IGD multi-monitor #

By Enabling IGD multi-monitor, allows to output graphic from both iGPU and GPU.


What is DVMT ? #

DVMT is Dynamic Video Memory Technology allows the iGPU to take more memory if it needs it.


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