How to Create New Unicart Listing (with variant)

How to Create New Unicart Listing (with variant) #

Step 1: Go to the Products menu and click on Unicart Listing.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Add Product‘ button.

Step 3: Enable the option for Product has variants.

Step 4: Enter Product Name in Title* field. Recommendation: Brand + Model + Type / Attribute.

Step 5: Enter the Identity Code of the product in SKU* field. SKU must be unique, and no special characters such as !@#$%^&*():”<>?

Step 6: Enter a Description of the product to attract customers to buy from you. You may also insert some images in the description.

Step 7: Highlight is to insert the selling point of the product you wish to attract customers. May use bullet points to organize the selling points.

Step 8: What’s in the box is to list the item(s) customers expect to receive.

Step 9: Upload product Images.

Step 10: Enter the Price of the product to sell.

Step 11: Enter Cost for your own record purpose, it won’t display on your UniCart store.

Step 12: Choose Tax Class if the product is subject to tax.

Step 13: Enable Track Inventory to auto deduct inventory when an order is made. May disable if it is a pre-order product.

Step 14: The main Quantity of the product will be auto sum up based on the variants quantity.

Step 15: Select Variant Type to display variant on the product.

Step 16: Insert your product variant options and their values accordingly.

Step 17: Link your variant with Inventory Item.

Step 18: Insert the Variant SKU*.

Step 19: Insert the variant image or set the additional price for variants.

Step 20: By default, the variant quantity will be based on the quantity of the linked inventory item.

Step 21: Click into ‘Edit Variants Details‘ to customize more variants information.

Step 22: Enable Requires Shipping if the product will be charged with delivery fees.

Step 23: Enable Free Shipping if the shipping fee is waived for this particular product.

Step 24: Enter the Weight of the package to calculate the shipping fee, default in KG.

Step 25: Enter Dimensions of the package in Length x Width x Height, default in CM.

Step 26: SEO Friendly URL is the product page URL link that will be automatically generated based on product title. Require mandatory and unique.

Step 27: Page Title is the title of the product page that will be shown.

Step 28: Meta Tag Description is used to describe the summary of the product page to the search engine.

Step 29: Click on the ‘Save & Set Status On‘ button to sync the product information to the Unicart store with the status on.

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