AWDMS / Ingress Quick Installation Guide – FingerTec Face ID 5 Series

AWDMS / Ingress Quick Installation Guide – FingerTec Face ID 5 Series #

Requirements #

Ingress version (with AWDMS support)

Ingress Client

ADWMS version 3.4

ADWMS Setup Tool

Installation Guide #

Both Ingress and AWDMS MUST BE INSTALLED on the same PC. Please installation Ingress Server first, then followed by AWDMS. For Ingress installation, please refer to Ingress User Manual:

Upon the completion of Ingress Server, you may then start to install AWDMS. The steps required to install AWDMS are straightforward. Please make sure firewall and Antivirus software on the PC have been switch off.

AWDMS 3.1 Installation #

Run AWDMS setup tool after you have installed AWDMS and rebooted your PC.

Step 1: First, right click on, then click on extract all:

Step 2: Click Extract button.

Step 3: Go AWDMS3.1 folder, look for setup.exe and click on setup.exe.

Step 4: In the User Account Control screen, select Yes to continue.

Step 5: AWDMS setup will run an environment testing prior to the actual installation, click Continue button when the test is completed.

Step 6: Click Next button to continue.

Step 7: Select “I accept the agreement”, then click Next button.

Step 8: Left the Port and ADMS Port as it is, click Next button.

Step 9: Click Next button.

Step 10: Click Next button.

Step 11: Set your backup document path, then click Next button.

Step 12: Click Install button.

Step 13: Installation in progress.

Step 14: Click Finish button to restart the computer.

Step 15: On your desktop, click “TimeTec Cloud AWDMS” icon to run AWDMS.

Step 16: ADWMS login screen is shown in web browser. Default login username is “admin” and the default password is “admin”.

AWDMS Setup Tool Installation #

By default, AWDMS is installed with a Postgresql Server. However, it is recommended that we switch to MySQL for better support. In order to switch to MySQL, please run AWDMS setup tool after you have seen the screen above.

Step 1: Right click on AWDMS Setup, click Extract All.


Step 2: Click Extract button.

Step 3: Go the folder where AWDMS Setup Tool is located and Click AWDMSSetup.exe.

Step 4: Press any key to start AWDMS setup. You computer screen might flashes a few times, just click “Yes” at the popup dialog box to continue.

Step 5: When completed, press any key to close this window.

Step 6: Right click on awdms.bat, click “Run as administrator”.


Step 7: Press any key to start running the batch file.

Step 8: When completed, press any key to exit this window.

AWDMS Configuration #

By now, your AWDMS setup is completed, you may proceed to Ingress to configure AWDMS.

Step 1: In Ingress, go to System Settings > WDMS Configuration:

Step 2: Key in the AWDMS server IP, Port Number, Login Username and Password. Since AWDMS and Ingress are both on the same PC, thus the server IP is, the default port is 8098. Default AWDMS login ID is “admin” and default password is “admin”.

Step 3: After key in the AWDMS information, click Test Connection button the check if Ingress could connect to AWDMS. If it is success, a popup dialog box with “Connected To Server” will be shown. Click Apply button when done.

Step 4: Click Apply button when done and You may now add devices to Ingress by clicking Add Device button, give the device a name and key in the serial number of the device, select online device activation, then click Add button.

Step 5: After adding the device, it will appear in the Devices list.

Installation of AWDMS is completed successfully, you can now use Ingress to pull or update data from AWDMS devices such as FingerTec Face ID 5 Series.

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