How To Create New User Using FingerTec Face ID 5

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Step on how to create user using FingerTec Face ID 5 #

FingerTec Face ID 5 #
  1. Click on the setting icon on top right of FIngerTec Face ID 5.
  2. Select the “User Mgt” to manage all the user.
  3. Select the “New User” to add new user.
  4. User ID is to insert the staff/user id; Name is to insert the User name; Palm is to scan the user’s palm; Fingerprint is to scan the user’s fingerprint; Face is to scan the user’s face with or without mask; Password is to set the password for user login. User Photo is let user to take a photo as their system profile picture; Access Control Role is to set the user is belong to which time rule. User need select at least one method whether palm, face or fingerprint
  5. When scanning face and palm, user need put their palm or face in the rectangle box and move slowly up down or left right for the device to process.
  6. User is done created and can test to scan using their face, fingerprint or palm.
Ingress Software #
  1. Login to your

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