How to Add Inventory Item from Product Listing

How to Add Inventory Item from Product Listing in SiteGiant Lite #

Step 1: Navigate to Products, and choose the channel listing you’ll like to update (e.g. Webstore, Shopee, Lazada or Shopify Listing).

product listing sitegiant pic 1

Step 2: Click on Add Product.

product listing sitegiant pic 2

Step 3: Under Product Info, click on Search Inventory from iSKU.

product listing sitegiant pic 3

Step 4: Click on Add Item.

product listing sitegiant pic 4

Step 5: A pop-up will appear for you to fill in your inventory item details.

NOTE: For more information on the following, please refer:
– Inventory Item Restock

Step 6: Click on ‘More’ to view more options.

Step 7: You may fill in your item details such as weight, dimensions and upload images.

Step 8: Once done, click Save and you’ll have a newly created inventory item!


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Credits: SiteGiant Lite

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