How the Inventory Item Stock Details Works

How the Inventory Item Stock Details Works #

Step 1: Navigate to All Inventory Items from Inventory menu.

Step 2: Click into one of the Item Name to view the details.

Step 3: From Item Info tab, check the Stock Details from the right side.


In-hand Stock #

  • Known as the Available Stock.
  • All the stock you have now in the warehouse.

Non-Sellable Stock #

  • The unsellable stock which reserved for the order that just placed by a customer.
  • Stock under the Unpaid order & Paid order.

Sellable Stock #

  • The stock that available to sell on the store or marketplace platforms.


Flow of Inventory Stock Movement: #

1: When an order is placed, the order will be created under the Unpaid or Paid status.
Purchase Quantity: 1

2: Then Sellable Stock will be deducted based on the purchased quantity, and this quantity will be added into Non-Sellable Stock.
In-hand Stock: 50
Sellable Stock: 50 – 1 = 49
Non-Sellable Stock: 0 + 1 = 1

3: Once the order have been packed & shipped out, the order status will be updated to Processed.

4: The stock quantity will be released from Non-Sellable Stock and deducted into the In-hand Stock.
Non-Sellable Stock: 1 – 1 = 0
In-hand Stock: 50 -1 = 49

5: Lastly, the order status will be marked Completed after the customer received the order.


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